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    Rules and Responsibilities for Players and Parents - Players' Responsibilities & Rules

    1. Work hard, have fun and give your best effort every time you are on the field for practices or games.
    2. Wear all required equipment (shin guards, proper shoes & uniforms).
    3. Pay attention to the coaches when they are speaking and providing instructions on or off the field. Respect the decisions of the referee.
    4. Be a team player. Players should learn the rules of soccer and play by them at all times. Learn and develop teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship and practice them.
    5. Be on time for all games and practices. Persistent lateness or absence will result in reduction of playing time.
    6. Disrespectful behavior to coaches, referees, players or others will not be tolerated. The use of indecent or profane language is unacceptable. Disrespectful behavior or use of such language may result in suspension for a single game or practice. It may also lead to suspension for the rest of the season or part thereof.
    7. Fighting, horseplay or any physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and will lead to suspension for the rest of the season.

    - Parents' Responsibilities & Rules

    1. Bring your child on time for all games and practices.
    2. If unable to attend a game or practice, notify the coach of the team.
    3. Ensure that your child brings all equipment and uniforms to games and practices.
    4. Support your child's coach and help when you can. Disagreements with your coach do not belong on the field. Questions, input and positive suggestions should be voiced to the coach in the absence of players.
    5. Pick up your child on time after all games and practices. R.I.S.C. Takers F.C. is not responsible for your child after games and practices.
    6. Suspension of your child will not result in a refund of (a part of) the paid and/or due membership contribution.

    Preliminary Policy Plan R.I.S.C. Takers FC (for a printable version click here)

    Date          : November 20th, 2012 


    The football association R.I.S.C. Takers F. C. was officially established on September 14th, 2012. Before this date the association was an informal association and since 2007 its senior and veteran members have competed in the indoor football league of St. Maarten under the name RISC Takers. Since this year the association has also mainly been offering outdoor football training, (especially) to the youth, and the need to bring structure and organization to the association (internally) became apparent. To achieve this, the association became a registered formal association since September 2012. In the first months after its establishment, the association experienced a dynamic development with a huge influx of members and volunteers. In order to streamline the developments within the association the present interim policy plan was drafted. This policy plan will cover a period of no more than two football seasons. Within this period, the association strives to consolidate a strong footing within the (sports) community of St. Maarten. As soon as possible, but no later than in the spring of 2017, a long term policy should be written.


    Primary Objective

    To provide opportunities for offering indoor as well as outdoor football to youth, seniors, veterans and women. Two forms may be distinguished:

    1. Performance football, which means that by offering proper training and education to players, as well as to coaches, the highest possible level will be strived for.
    2. Recreational football, which means that football players will be offered the opportunity to actively and structurally participate in football activities on a weekly basis.

    Sub objectives and execution


    To create a sense of unity and commitment towards the association by:

    1.  a. organizing secondary activities;

    b. establishing and actively maintaining a web site;

    c . realizing a "club house" of the association.

    1. To implement and conduct a financially sound policy, whereby the expenses must not exceed the revenues.
    2. To develop a football technical policy, whereby a structure is developed which can realize the intended football goals optimally.
    3. Continuous recruitment and training of volunteers from all segments of the society (trainers, directors, committee activities, etc.) due to a high turnover rate of suitable candidates
    4. To encourage the responsible authorities to improve the (outdoor football) accommodations.


    1. To offer a minimal of weekly training opportunity (indoor and/or outdoor)
    2. To form more teams
    3. To register and participate with these teams in the senior and veteran indoor and outdoor football competitions in Sint Maarten and/or in other countries.
    4. Registration and participation of these teams in indoor and/or outdoor football tournaments in Sint Maarten and/ or abroad and participation in friendly training matches (of the club teams among themselves).

    U17 up to U9

    1. The players must be able to develop themselves in a safe environment on their own personal level in which their football skills can grow, both in a technical and recreational sense. Pleasure in this activity is the prime concern. All players, football talents in particular, are encouraged to achieve the highest possible level. The ultimate objective is to train our players for the senior teams (both recreational and competitive) as well as for our teams that represent the association.
    2. The players are divided into age categories U17, U15, U13, U11 and U9. The age categories are organized according to the European model, this means that each category has players of not more than two consecutive calendar years (eg: U9 contains only players born between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2005). Dispensation for an age category is only possible with the permission of the board member responsible for of technical affairs (this in consultation with the general board). Teams are composed based on age categories.
    3. Offering of at least one (and preferably two) training session(s) per week.
    4. The facilitation of practice matches (whether or not with our own teams or outside teams) and the registration of multiple teams for outdoor and indoor football (futsal) competitions and tournaments in St Maarten. In the absence of competition in St. Maarten, preference is given to registration for participation in competitions organized by the FFF (Fédération Française de Football).


    1. The players must be able to develop themselves in a safe environment on their own personal level in which their football skills can grow both in a technical and recreational sense whereby pleasure in this activity is the prime concern.
    2. The offering of at least once (but preferably twice) per week training session(s).


    For the time being RISC Takers FC does not have a women's team. The objective is to eventually form and facilitate a women's team.

    Board meetings

    In order to achieve the above objectives and to maintain the association organized and structured it will be necessary to keep board meetings on a regular basis. All board and committee members will have to be present at these meetings as much as possible. Furthermore, contacts must be maintained and reinforced with the football associations of St. Maarten and the French part of the island.

    Privacy Policy

    Below you find a summary of how RISC Takers FC uses your data. You can download our full privacy policy here.

    • RT uses your personal data to manage and administer your membership and your involvement with its teams and club, and to keep in contact with you for these purposes. Data is shared with the Saint-Martin Football Association, and possible with other Governing bodies of football, who use your data to regulate, develop and manage the games.
    • Where RT rely on your consent, you can withdraw this consent at any time.
    • Amongst the data RT collects from you may be medical information. RT will hold the information you (or your parent) provided, so that RT can ensure it is aware of your condition and can support you appropriately. Medical exams will be executed by independent doctors who will never share medical reports with RT.
    • RT will share names dates and pictures of members on its website, amongst others for birthday announcements and team presentation purposes. At your request RT will anonymize this personal information on its website.