• Volunteers

  • There are many volunteers who make the soccer programs run and R.I.S.C. Takers FC couldn't exist without them. It is the work of volunteers that makes soccer available to our children. In addition to volunteering at the team level, all open positions will be listed here - please help out if you can!


    Current open volunteer Positions:

    • Vice-President
    • Technical Coordinator/Director
    • Team Managers
    • Team Coaches
    • Uniform washers
    • Club Referees


    Team Level Volunteer Information

    Teams need coaches, especially the younger teams. Although it is preferred that coaches have affinity with soccer, they do not have to know everything about soccer to coach a (younger) team. R.I.S.C. Takers FC works with more coaches on a group and only providing assistance to the head coach on the field could be very helpful already. Each team also needs a manager and/or parent coordinator to do things like make phone calls, sign up parents to bring after-game treats, and arrange the team's end-of-the-year event. Register yourself now with this coach application form! You can send the form to treasurer@risctakers.com.


    Level Volunteer Information

    There are 15 to 20 volunteer roles that operate the whole soccer club:

    (vice-) president, (vice-) secretary, (vice-) treasurer, technical directors, registrars, coaches and managers, referees, web administrators, equipment coordinators, event commissions etc. There are still positions to be filled this year. Many of these positions do not require knowledge of soccer or even much knowledge of R.I.S.C. Takers FC. They just need some time and organization. Please contact us at info@risctakers.com for a full list of roles and their duties and time commitments. We need your help!