• Membership

    Players can be registered by sending the digital application form below. Please read the instructions: On the right side of the form you find the translation and explanation. If you want to see the application form in English, click your right mouse button on the form and choose "translate to English". Smart phones will show the translation and explanation BELOW the application form. Furthermore we kindly request you to read the rules and regulations at the bottom of this page.

  • Membership application

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  • The following information relates to all age groups playing soccer within the club.

    - Commitment: It is expected that players will commit to the team for the duration of the season. We understand that many players also play other sports (or soccer for other organizations) and we support that endeavor especially at the younger ages. However, it is expected that players make playing soccer for R.I.S.C. Takers FC their highest priority in terms of attending training sessions and games. If players are not able to attend a practice or a game, it is expected that they inform the coach as soon as possible, but, except for unforeseen circumstances such as sickness, not later than 24 hours before the practice and a week before the game to make sure that the coach will be able to prepare the practice and organize the game properly.

    - Contribution: Each player is responsible for paying contribution fees to the club. The contribution is a one-time fee charged at the beginning of each season. These fees vary by age group. We prefer bank deposits or wire transfers. R.I.S.C. Takers FC is a non-profit organization without employees and consequently all of the contributions collected go directly towards providing the various programs and services the club offers. This includes, field and light rentals, league and membership payments, soccer equipment, website etc. Our goal each season is to keep the contribution fees at the lowest possible rate. We will evaluate our fees each season to build an operating budget, but will never increase (or decrease) fees during the course of a season.

    The contribution fee per year (season) amounts to USD 120 for youth players and USD 80 for youth mini players (Under 7). Seniors can choose between outdoor Football on Monday (USD 150), indoor Football on Thursday (USD 150) or both indoor and outdoor Football (USD 200).

    - Payment policies: It is expected that all members will pay their club dues in a timely manner. If at any time during the season a player falls more than 60 days past due, their training and playing privileges may be suspended by the club. If you are having difficulty with payments please contact us to discuss your situation and we will do our best to work out a plan that works for everyone.