• Second Edition Children for Children Run on Tuesday December 15, 2020

    3 dec 2020 | News
  • On Tuesday December 15, RISC Takers FC will organize the Children for Children Run 2020. The first edition in December 2019 was a big success, the children collected over USD 4,000! The funds was, in accordance with the purpose of the run, fully used to support other children on Sint Maarten. If you would like to know what RISC Takers did with the funds you can download the Children for children report 2019

    How does it work?

    The children of Under 7, Under 9 and Under 11 individually try to find a lot of people to sponsor them to run as much laps as possible. Below you find the form you have to use to administer your sponsors. To encourage the players to run a lot of laps we prefer that people sponsor per lap. But we also advise you and the sponsors to maximize the amount of the sponsorships because in 2019 the boys and girls didn't stop running.... The laps are 100 meter (Under 7), 150 meter (Under 9) and 200 meter (Under 11).

    The run will be held on Tuesday, December 15 at 5.30pm. We request the players to bring (a copy of) their sponsor form already so that we can announce the provisional amount on Thursday, December 17, the last practice of the season. Next to the announcement of the result of the run, the last practice of this year on Thursday, December 17 will be an end of the year party with some surprises, so don't miss it!!! Of course the Under 7 players who normally only practice on Tuesday are welcome too!

    RISC Takers Children for Children 2020 form